Key Functions of the Directorate of National Science Centre

• Enhancing and upgrading the teaching and learning of SMT and related subjects in schools and colleges of education

• Design, development, and production of cost-effective teaching and learning aids/materials

• In-service training of SMT teachers/teacher educators in schools and colleges

• Research, in pedagogy & teaching/learning materials to inform SMT policy

• ICT development and Maintenance


• Develop and review science, mathematics, and technology education policy

• Design, develop, produce, and maintain SMT teaching and learning models, apparatus and equipment

• Orient teachers and lecturers on the use of new SMT materials and equipment

• Conduct appropriate research on topical issues in SMT

• Develop SMT pedagogical approaches to ensure effective teaching and learning

• Capacity build teachers and lecturers in the new SMT pedagogical approaches

• Promote the teaching and learning of SMT in schools and colleges of education