KCCP Starting from 27th September to 29th October, 2021 in Zambia under National Science Centre

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The Knowledge Co-creation Program (KCCP)

Knowledge Co-Creation Programs are form of technical cooperation that JICA carries out in Japan. Some of the knowledge that Japanese society has accumulated, including its background in areas such as organizational know-how and social systems, can only be understood through first-hand experience. The programs are an important means of technical cooperation which supports human resource development and resolving issues in developing countries.

2016 KCCP

2017 KCCP

    Course Level: Preliminary

    Theme: “Enhancing Teacher Professional Growth through the Practice of Lesson Study”

  • Training Frame Focus:
    1. Planning for a Lesson
    2. Delivery of a Lesson
    3. Textbook Page Production
  • Participating Countries:
  • Botswana2 Ethiopia2 Ghana2 Kenya2 Malawi2 Nigeria2 Rwanda2 South Africa2 South Sudan2 Uganda2 Zambia2
  • Archievements:

2018 KCCP

2019 KCCP

2020 KCCP

2021 KCCP

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